Use a TV Antenna Combiner with 2 antennas to Prevent Ghosting

Best TV Antenna Combiner

If you’re living in a rural area where transmission signals are coming from different directions, it could be challenging to get good reception. Even if you have an efficient and reliable antenna brand, pictures might still seem blurry, and sounds just don’t seem clear. Combining two TV antennas will help you eliminate this problem. You … Read more

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How to Keep Snow Off Your Satellite Dish

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How to Improve FM Radio Reception

An unexpected static interference during your favorite baseball game can be quite irritating. Nobody likes to get interrupted while listening to their favorite shows, games, or music, and therefore you need to take necessary measures to make sure you are never disturbed by bad radio reception. In most scenarios, the reason for poor reception is … Read more

5 Steps on How to Record TV Shows from Antenna

Just because you’re out of the house doesn’t mean you can’t watch your favorite primetime TV shows. Learn how to record TV shows from the antenna so you do not have to miss a single episode anymore. You may even be able to record free HDTV channels. So you can watch as you please while … Read more

How to Connect Multiple TVs to One Antenna

Did you know that the average household owns more than one television? And with HD channels being more available without the expensive monthly fees, many homeowners are certified cord-cutters. In line with that, everyone wants to know how to connect multiple TVs to one antenna. Over the air, antennas are an inexpensive alternative to cable … Read more