10 Best Coaxial Cable for TV Antenna

Picture of various coaxial cable for tv antenna and attachments for connecting


Get the best Coaxial Cable for TV Antenna if you want to avoid the following: Are you tired of watching your favorite shows with pixelated images? Not to mention, distorted sounds can add up to a less than pleasurable viewing experience. 

The good news is that you don’t need a technician to sort things out for you. You need a coaxial cable to hook up to our TV antenna. The best coaxial cables can help your TV get a better signal. 

They can be intimidating, and you might think that it’s hard to install, but not if you’re going to get high-quality cables. We are listing the best brands you can use for your TV antennas so you don’t have to settle for a less than pleasurable TV experience.

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

Our Top Picks for the Best Coaxial Cables for TV Antenna

Make the most of your newly installed TV antenna with these coaxial cables. Say goodbye to blurry pictures and distorted sounds. 

1. Mediabridge -Best Coaxial Cable for HDTV Antenna

This coaxial cable can block interference better than the regular brand.

Mediabridge is triple shielded for maximum protection against electromagnetic interference. It has 3 layers of material-aluminum foil shielding, aluminum mylar shielding, and braided aluminum heavy shielding. These aluminum layers are encased in a soft PVC cable jacket.

In addition, Mediabridge is made with removable EZ grip caps. Thus, you’d find it easy to install. It has F male connectors, Tri-shield CL2 RG6. if you previously had issues screwing the ends of the cable to the back of the TV, the EZ grip caps won’t give you a hard time. 

It’s quite versatile and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. And since it is UL rated, it can be safely installed inside the walls.

As for the shipment, it comes neatly packed in a compact box. 


  • UL rated
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Nickel-plated F-type connectors
  • 250 ft
  • Can reduce electromagnetic and radio frequency interferences
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to install
  • Some received a cable shorter than what was advertised

Why you should buy this cable

The EX grip caps make this cable so easy to use. It also gets rid of interference efficiently.

2. Amazon Basics – Best Value Coaxial Cable for TV Antenna

This coaxial cable is an all-rounder. You can use it to connect to your devices with F ports.

High-quality coaxial cables can rip a hole in your budget. So you’d be happy to hear that Amazon basics coaxial cable performed at par with other expensive brands. But these come with a very affordable price tag. These cables are CL2 rated; thus, you can be assured of high quality.

And it can be safely used indoors, outdoors, and in for wall installations. This might be your go-to coaxial cable. It can connect to any device with F ports. It’s pretty easy to install too. 

It can block both electromagnetic and RF interference. Thus, giving you clearer pictures and crisp sounds. 


  • Compatible with TV, modem, and other devices with F ports
  • 75 OHM RG6 coaxial A/V cable with 2 nickel-plated F-type male connectors
  •  For indoor and outdoor applications
  • 2 removable EZ grip cps
  • Triple shielding
  • One year warranty
  • Multipurpose
  • Affordable
  • Eliminates RF and electromagnetic interferences
  • No instructions on how to remove the white cap

Why you should buy this cable

It’s affordable, and it works similar to other expensive bands

3. Southwire 56918443 – Best Coaxial Cable for Satellites

 This is a heavy-duty coaxial cable with a well-manufactured quad shielding.

If you want great quality HDTV signals, you’ve got to switch to Southwire. This cable means serious business. Everything about this coaxial cable is impressive. But make sure to pair it with good conductors so that you’re going to maximize its potential.

It consists of 4 shields or layers, and the center is solid copper. 


  • Frequency sweep 3Ghz
  • Compatible with TVs
  • Made in the USA
  • Heavy duty
  • Clear HDTV signals
  • Durable
  • Some users expected a solid copper core

Why you should buy this cable

It’s a heavy-duty coaxial cable that can give you a clear HDTV signal.

4. Phat Satellite International – Best Versatile Coaxial Cable for TV Antenna

This coaxial cable is rather versatile and multipurpose.

You can use this coaxial cable for a lot of devices. From televisions, cable modems, satellite receivers, and off-air antennas stand other F-female-equipped devices; it’s very versatile.

It can also be used indoors and outdoors. It can efficiently deter RF and electromagnetic interference for clear HD viewing. This cable is made of pure brass; hence it’s heavy-duty and durable.

Also, this cable is long enough to reach where you need to. And that’s at a reasonable price.


  • Connects to F-female equipped devices
  • Made from Shielded RG6 coaxial cable 
  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • 75 ohm
  • 50 ft long
  • 100% brass continuous grounded compression male F- connectors
  • Versatile and multi-purpose
  • UTL certification for in-wall installation
  • Pure brass
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Some wished it could be a bit more stable

Why you should buy this antenna

It’s durable, high quality, and quite long at a reasonable price.

5. Antop – Best Coaxial Cable for Easy Setup

The Antop coaxial cable may be the easiest cable to install! 

It’s very easy to install this Antop cable. You connect one end to the F-type jack audio and the other to the TV or HDTV. So you can go back to your favorite movies, you couch potato.

It gives great reception, so you no longer have to be irked by pixelated images. Moreover, this cable has an aluminum shield that makes this cable durable and heavy-duty. And the connectors are also heavy duty.


  • 15 ft long
  • Double shielded
  • Connects devices with RG6 F-type coaxial (RG6 F-pin coaxial) port
  • PVC jacket RG6
  • Easy to install
  • Double aluminum shield enhances signal reception
  • Durable
  • Some had issue switch quality control of the product

Why you should buy this cable

It’s very easy to install; you don’t even need to be a DIYer to do so.

6. COMMSCOPE – Best Coaxial Cable for Internet

Boasting 500 ft in length, the COMMSCOPE coaxial cable is best for your internet installation.

If you need a longer cable for your internet installation, COMMSCOPE is the best you can find on the market. 

It’s also multipurpose and versatile and can be used for various applications such as HD over-the-air antenna, Direct TV/dish networks, and other satellites. It’s also ideal for short wave antenna usage, HD digital cable TV, cellular boost antenna, and TV/video applications.

It’s also sunlight resistant and quite durable. And it’s also nicely insulated with a high-quality copper-clad steel wire core. It’s extremely durable and flexible as well. So you’re sure that it will last for quite a time. 


  • 500 ft
  • UL ETL rated
  •  Made in the USA
  •  Black PVC flame retardant jacket
  • 18AWG copper-clad conductor
  • 75 Ohm swept tested
  • Longer cable
  • Well insulated
  • Heavy duty
  • Versatile and multipurpose
  • Flexible
  • Some had difficulties unrolling the wire

Why you should buy this cable

It’s a long, heavy-duty, high-quality cable you can use for many applications.

7. GTOTd – Best for Small Modems

This 4 ft long coaxial cable is perfect for small modems.

If you need a shorter cable that’s heavy-duty, the GTOTd is your best bet. It makes up for a neat and fuss-free installation for small modems. 

As for the connectors, both ends are threaded, so you can be assured both are durable and heavy-duty. The nickel F-type connector is very nice and thick. And there isn’t any loss in speed.

The GTOTd can also be used for various applications, but it has one Achilles heel- it’s not that suitable for internet installation. 

It’s quite easy to connect it to your TV. And you’ll enjoy clear viewing with no interference. The extra shielding of this cable added up to the sharpness of the reception. So you’ll view everything crystal clear. 


  • 4 ft in length
  • UL rated
  • 75 OHM RG6 coaxial A/V cable with 2 nickel-plated F-type male connectors
  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • 3 layers of aluminum shielding
  • Flexible PVC outer layer
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy-duty connectors
  • Some received the wrong cable size

Why you should buy this cable

This has the perfect length for your small modem

8. KabelDirekt Digital – Best Coaxial Cable for 4K

This coaxial cable features F-type connectors that are ideal for satellite television receivers, VCRs, cable boxes, antenna connectors, cable modems, and digital router 

It has gold-coated connectors making it corrosion resistant. So it’s very well shielded from the elements, making it more efficient in deterring interference. And the all-metal components are shielded with a copper plate. And since copper is oxygen-free, this made it more durable. And it can receive a crystal clear signal for your 4K HD viewing.

Apart from durable connectors, these are also very easy to run. So the installation is pretty easy too. It’s durable, has a substantial weight, and can be flexible. So it’s easy to store and coil up in a box. 


  • 20 ft in length
  • F Pin to F pin
  • 24 k gold plated connectors
  • 36 months manufacturer warranty
  • Corrosion-resistant connectors
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Some had a challenging time connecting it to their Comcast lines

Why you should buy this cable

It’s a durable cable with corrosion-resistant and oxygen-free connectors. And this makes it more efficient in receiving clear signals.

9. Cable matters – Best Coaxial Cable for HDTV

You’ll get more bang for your buck with this 3 pack of versatile coaxial cables.

And since it comes in short sizes, it’s applicable for small modems or whenever you need to connect a gadget to a modem. So you don’t have to be bothered about cutting cords. The length is perfect for your HDTV connection.

It’s also RG6 rated, so it can be applicable for many major connections too. It also comes in various lengths, so you can choose one that perfectly fits your needs.


  • 3 ft in length
  • UL rated
  • Quad shielded
  •  RG6 rated
  • Type F connectors
  • Comes in a pack of three
  • Four layers of aluminum shield
  • PVC jacket
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Ideal for HDTV
  • Versatile and multi-purpose
  • Some receive the wrong size of cable

Why you should buy this cable

It’s the perfect length for your HDTV installation.

10. Ultra clarity cables -Best Coaxial Cable for TV Antenna

These cables are eye candy and work perfectly for your TV antenna.

These white cables with gold-plated connectors will make your setup pretty and your TV viewing clearer. 

The connectors are gold plated, so it’s durable and corrosion-resistant. It also helps eliminate interference so you can enjoy your weekend movie marathons. 

It also performs poorly and can be used for home and the office. And it’s a stylish cable that fits a modem office too.  


  • 6 ft in length
  • Works with TV, PC, Router, Modem, and speaker connection
  • UL rated for in-wall use
  • Triple Shielded RG6 c
  • Gold plated connectors
  • Corrosion-resistant and durable connectors
  • Multipurpose and versatile
  • Stylish
  • Easy to install
  • For home and office use
  • Some find the cable a bit stiff

Why you should buy this cable

It’s stylish and has gold-plated connectors that eliminate interference.

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Coaxial Cable for TV Antenna (A Buying Guide)

1. Versatility

The best coaxial cable is versatile and multipurpose. You should be able to use it for multiple applications. And it helps a lot if it’s compatible with F port devices such as TV, modems, and satellites.

And look for cables that can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. It can give you more value for your money. And when looking for a versatile cable, it should have a PVC covering that makes it resistant to heat and the elements.

2. Easy to set up

No one wants a cable that’s such a fuss to set up. So go for one that allows for easy installation. And easy grip connectors will make your life easier too.

3. Quality

High-quality cables have well-made connectors and should be durable. These cables should also be flexible and have a PVC covering to protect the copper wires from corrosion. A good quality connector will also help enhance the capacity of the cables to receive clear signals. 

4. Length 

Cables come in a variety of lengths. Though you can always cut the cable shorter, this would entail additional work. So it’s best to get the proper length for your installation needs. 

Why Use a Coaxial Antenna Cable

Of all the cables that you can use for your HDTV antennas and internet, why use a coaxial cable?

Here are several reasons why.

1. They are easier to install

Regardless of the length and size of the coaxial cable, it’s easy to install. You just need simple hand tools. And you only have to deal with a single conductor. And even if you aren’t a seasoned DIYer, you can see what you’re working on. 

Coaxial cables can also be easily split, even for home use. 

2. Can provide power

Since coaxial cables are metallic, they are good conductors. Thus, they can also provide power in case of outages.

3. Flexible and durable

Coaxial cables can take up a beating. They are resistant to cutting, crushing, and abuse. 

4. More bandwidth

With a broader bandwidth, coaxial cables can support more variety of services.

5. Insulated

The best coaxial cables are insulated. And the best brands even have triple insulation. And this makes it better to eliminate interference, both RF and electromagnetic ones. 

6. Speed

The copper wires under the PVC coating can help transmit data faster. 

7. Amplification

Since coaxial cables are wider and have more space between them, this eliminates noise interference.

8. Versatile

Coaxial cables can be used for both analog and digital transmissions. Thus, they can be used for various devices and gadgets.

Various types of Coaxial Cable for TV Antenna
Various types of Coaxial Cable for TV Antenna

Coaxial Cable Types

  • Hardline coaxial cable

These coaxial cables are made from copper, silver, aluminum, or steel. This type is often larger and ideal for high-strength signal transmission. 

  • Flexible coaxial cable

From the name itself, these cables can move more freely. It’s made of a metal inner conductor surrounded by a dielectric. It’s also covered with a PVC jacket to protect it from the elements and the weather. Also, this type of coaxial cable is the most common. And these are the ones used in home installations.

  • Semi-rigid coaxial cable

This cable is made of a solid copper outer sheath with a dielectric of PTFE. These types of cables can enhance high-frequency performance.

  • Formable coaxial cable

Instead of a copper outer sheath, it uses a flexible outer sheath. It’s often used to lay out a design for cable prototypes.

  • Rigid coaxial cable

It makes use of a solid copper outer sheath. It’s great for higher frequencies, but the downside is, that they aren’t that flexible.

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  • Twin axial cable

Twin axial cable reduces cable loss and is ideal for low-frequency digital and video applications.

  • Triaxial cable

This cable has an additional copper braid. It can deter interference better and provide broader bandwidth, but they are more expensive. 


What is a coaxial cable?

Coaxial cables are used to transmit and convey data, video, and voice communications. It’s widely used in both homes and office spaces. They have an inner conductor surrounded by an insulation layer. And it’s covered with conductive shielding. 

What’s the difference between male and female connectors?

Male connectors have a wire sticking out, while female connectors have space for the center wire to stick into. You need both connectors of the same type to be able to establish a connection, hence the name.

Which is better, fiber or coaxial cables?

That depends on where you’ll be using it. Fiber cables are ideal for longer distances as the fiber cables prevent loss in long ranges. But they are suited for professional use and harder to install. Coaxial cables, on the other hand, are suited for shorter ranges and are easy to install. That’s why they are mostly used in homes. 


The couch potato in you would really be pleased with the best coaxial cable for TV antenna. Now you no longer have to settle with blurry pictures and patchy sounds. The best brands can elevate your viewing experience without a cable subscription.