How to Remove a Car Antenna?

How to Remove Car Antenna

One mandatory part of every road trip that we go on as a family is music on the radio. The use of the radio gives us two major advantages – the first one being that we do not have to spend our energy thinking about which song to play and the second is that our kids don’t argue. With time and frequent use, the antenna is damaged and needs to be changed which brings us to the question – how to remove the car antenna?

Types of Car Antenna 

Before we understand how to remove car antennas, we need to know about the different types of antennas that are used in a car. The three most widely used car antennas are as follows:

Satellite Antennas

In the arena of antennas for cars, satellite antennas are the latest ones. The radio dock of this antenna is placed inside the windshield or the dashboard. These antennas use magnetic technology.

Internal Antennas 

The most protected types of antennas are internal antennas, they are placed inside and last the longest as compared to other types of antennas. Although this durability does not give the best music experience as the reception of these antennas is quite low. 

External Antennas

As the name suggests, external antennas are placed on the exteriors of the cars. The material used for these antennas is either fiberglass or any type of metal. 

The wear and tear of these antennas are relatively high as compared to other antennas as they are exposed to the environment. 

The method used to remove each type of antenna might be different but the basic steps followed remain the same. 

How to Remove a Car Antenna: a Step by Step Guide

Car antennas come in many types, the two main types of antennas are Fixed Masts and Pillar Mounts. The difference between these two types of antennas is their placement. Fixed masts are placed on the top of the car in the middle while pillar mounts are placed on the top of the door.

The procedure of the removal of the antennas however is almost the same. In the steps mentioned below, we will see how the removal of fixed mast antennas is done. 

Another important thing to consider here is if you wish to change only the top part of the antenna or the entire antenna along with the cable. 

Tools Required:

  • A set of screwdrivers.
  • A cloth 
  • Tape 

Step 1: Finding the Cable

Once you have found out the type of antenna your car has, the next type is to locate the placement of the cable and the type of cable. A coaxial cable is present behind the dashboard. This cable comes in two types. The cable is either a one cable or extension cable that connects the radio to the antenna

  • Coaxial cable

A coaxial cable (also known as coax) contains two parts – an inner conductor and an insulated outer covering. A coaxial cable is mainly used in communicating devices such as TVs, for internet signal transmission, etc.

A coaxial cable needs to be disconnected from the radio.

  • Extension cable

An FM extension cable is a cable that is made specifically for transmission of audio output. The output from an extension cable is clearer, quick and sharp. 

The extension cable can be easily unplugged from the source for the removal. 

Step 2: Protect the Car

Once you are done with the removal of the cable, the next important step is “how to remove car antenna without damaging the car and how to ensure the safety of the car. Place a paper or any clothes around the grommet of the car. This step will ensure that you do not scratch the car unknowingly thereby causing a hole in your pocket. 

Oh, are you wondering what a grommet is?! Grommet is the rubbery structure found at the point where the antenna and the surface of the car touch each other. It is important to remove the grommet carefully without causing any scratches to the car. 

Step 3: Removal of the Grommet

Carefully lift the grommet off the surface of the car using a slim but not too sharp object. Run the object through the circumference of the grommet and loosen it. Once the grommet is loose, carefully lift the grommet off the surface to remove it. 

Step 4: Loosen to Remove

The antennas are usually placed on a mount and are tightened using a screw. Find the screw and start loosening the screw using a screwdriver. That way, the antenna is then all free from the top. 

Step 5: Freeing the Antenna From Inside the Car

Now that the antenna is free from the upper end, you will have to locate the screw that holds the antenna from the inside of the car. First, remove the sun visors of the car. Once the sun visors are out, remove the headroof or lower it a bit. You can easily locate the screw. Unscrew the screw and voila! The antenna mount should be removed easily.

Step 6: Installing the New Mount

Once the old mount is out, screw the cable to the new antenna. Secure the sides with tape to avoid any leakage from the antenna hole. 

And my friends, that is how you remove the antenna from the car!

Car Radio

How to Get the Most From Your Car Radio?

The Cable Checks!

If you are facing issues with your car radio system, the most recommended thing to do is to check the cables. Sometimes the cables loosen up leading to either a lot of interference while listening to music or no music at all!

The Health of The Antenna

With time and use, the antenna can corrode over time especially if it is made of metal. This makes the antenna weak and might bend it too. Such antennas can not receive the signals well and cause hindrance while listening to music. 


Can we upgrade the car antenna?

Yes, you can upgrade the car antenna however, checking the compatibility of the antenna you wish to upgrade to with your car model is important. 

Is it advisable to remove car antennas before washing cars?

 The car antennas can be pushed in before beginning to wash the car. The pressure from the water machines is not enough to damage the car, hence you can keep the antennas pushed in.

Which antenna is better – long or short?

A longer antenna catches a better signal while a shorter antenna lasts longer. The best antenna for you can be determined on the basis of your use. 

Final Thoughts

Car antennas add a whole new look and a fun element to the looks of the cars and play a major role in entertainment. The antennas need to be replaced over time and can lighten your pocket too.

Major smaller repairs in a car can be easily done at home with the help of a few tools. Removal and replacement of the antenna is one of them. A little bit of research and you will know how to change a car antenna.