How to Keep Snow Off Your Satellite Dish

How to Keep Snow Off Your Satellite Dish

Knowing how to keep snow off your satellite dish is quite necessary so that you don’t miss out on your favorite shows even when there is heavy snowfall outside your house.

Winters call for family time at the fireplace enjoying some hot food and spending quality time with your loved ones. The idea of going out in the winter is a nightmare for most people who experience heavy snowfalls. At such a time, TV is the main entertainment source for everyone, and it is usually affected by the snow covered on your satellite dish.


Here Are Some Ideas so you know How to Keep Snow Off Your Satellite Dish

1. Satellite Dish Covers

One of the easiest ways to prevent snow on satellite dishes is using a satellite dish cover. These covers are made mostly out of synthetic nylon that makes the snow slip from its surface and does not accumulate on the dish. One added benefit of a dish cover is that it also protects the satellite dish from rainfall and dust.

These covers can be easily installed with the help of drawstrings around the dish. They are also very cheap and therefore you can change your satellite dish cover every year to make it more effective.

2. Satellite Dish Heaters

The most effective yet the most expensive way of keeping snow off your satellite dish. Dish heaters keep the temperature of your dish above the freezing temperature so that the snow falling on the dish melts away. Dish heaters can be put on automatic or in manual mode according to your needs.

Installing these dish heaters is not really tough but if you are doing it for the first time you should take help from the user manual or else from a professional.

Many people had raised concerns about the effectiveness of a satellite dish after installing a dish heater. All of that is just a sham and it is proven that metal dish heaters do not affect the reception quality of your satellite.

3. Cooking Oil Spray

This might sound very weird but this is a very inexpensive way to keep snow off your satellite dish that is suggested by many experts including satellite dish manufacturers.

All you have to do is spray some of it all over the surface of the satellite dish whenever you are expecting some snowfall. The oil creates a layer over the dish and it does not let the snow stay on it for long. 

Although this is an affordable way, you’ll have to do it again and again for it to be effective. Do remember to clean your dish after each session of spraying so that the residue does not stay on the dish.

4. Spraying Water

People normally use a hose on a warm sunny day to wash their cars or just have a fun outdoor shower with their family. You can use that hose to spray water on the satellite dish to remove all the accumulated snow on the dish. This is a very easy way to remove snow from the dish but it needs a lot of precision so that you do not damage the satellite dish and it can cause further trouble. Like other hacks, this one is not a preventive measure and needs to be done after the snow is already on the dish.

5. Manual Removing

Just like spraying water, this one is also not a preventive method and is applicable when a satellite dish is covered with snow. Use your hand or a broom to remove all the snow gently off the dish.

Satellite dishes are installed at a height and therefore you will require to either climb up or use an extended tool to remove the snow by standing from the ground itself.

6. Satellite Dish Vibrators

A relatively new technology that does not take much power to operate. It makes the satellite dish vibrate and therefore does not let the snow stay on the surface of the dish.

They are usually used in dishes that are a little larger in size and they are much cheaper than a satellite dish heater. 

These are the most effective ways that are recommended by users, experts as well a few makers of this product, and you can try out anything that suits your preference.

How to Clean Your Satellite Dish

Apart from just snow, there are multiple other external factors that can cause trouble in the signal reception of your satellite dish that includes dust and waste that comes through the air and stays on your dish. Therefore you should clean your satellite dish frequently. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Safety First

The first thing you need to consider is how you will be reaching out to your satellite dish if it is installed on the roof or at a height that is not reachable to human height. So if you will be using a ladder or climbing up the roof then you should probably have someone with you to help you out in doing the job safely.

2. Use a Brush for Dusting

You should use a brush or a small broom to clean the dust and anything that is covered on the satellite dish. The dusting should be done very carefully so that you don’t disrupt the satellite in any way.

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3. Use a Sponge for Stains

You can use a slightly wet sponge to rub off any stains or spots that are on your satellite dish. 

4. Wipe Using a Dry Cloth

After cleaning the stains with a wet sponge you should use a dry cloth to clean the whole dish. You can then reinstall any accessories or cover on the satellite dish once you are done.


How much power does a satellite dish heater need?

A satellite dish heater needs a 24-volt power supply to function. Different companies may have different requirements, so you should check the user manual for details.

Can cooking oil spray take off the color on your satellite dish?

The cooking spray won’t really take off the color from the dish instead, it would make it shine a bit. The only thing you need to take care of is while wiping off the oil after every use. Hard rubbing can cause the color to come off.

Is it safe to use water to clean a satellite dish?

As long as you keep your satellite dish dry after cleaning or spraying water on it, it should not do any damage to the dish.


Precaution is better than cure is a widely used term in the field of medicine but it also applies to many other things, such as the case of keeping snow away from dish antennas. Now that you know how to keep snow off your satellite dish, you can now take all the precautionary measures to ensure that snow does not accumulate on your dish antenna and you don’t miss your entertainment when it is too cold to go outside.