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Hi I’m David, and this is our About Page for Antenna Tips!

I am the new owner of Antenna Tips. You might be asking what this website is all about. I’ve been tinkering with television technology for years. And like you, I have tried almost every brand of antenna. I got tired of paying exuberant monthly cable subscriptions. And I wasn’t getting what I was paying for!

I’ve also done a lot of DIY antenna installation. I am an antenna enthusiast, but I also consider myself a seasoned DIYer. Ask me anything about antennas; I will gladly help you out. Whether you have wired antennas or periodic antennas,  I can help you out. And If you’re looking for the best antenna for your FM radio, you’ll be happy you came to the right person!

I know how frustrating it can be to come home from work and not have a decent channel to watch. After all, you’re paying expensive monthly fees. So you could at least watch your favorite football game. Oh, but no. Even your cable subs won’t be able to provide you with that.

So, 15 years ago,  I ditched my monthly subscriptions, and I discovered how you could get clear signals without them. I may not have a bachelor’s degree in technology, but I can tell what works and what doesn’t. I might not be able to offer you a degree in this field, but I can offer my 15 years of experience. I have been experimenting with hardware and software relevant to TV and in its particular area of technology.  

Thank You For Reading Our About Page for Antenna Tips

Like you, I’ve been a frustrated cable subscriber too. And I’ll tell you this with confidence. You don’t need one to watch clear HD channels! And I am here to help you. Trust me; it’s going to change your life. I can still remember working with my father when I was just a young boy, 14 or 15 years old, working in the freezing cold up a few stories putty an antenna on someone’s roof. My hands would be frozen! It didn’t matter, though; I wouldn’t have traded that for anything back then. I loved spending time with my father, no matter what we did.

I consider myself very fortunate in that regard. I had a great mother and father. I guess some would say I was blessed, I sure thought so, and I still do!

Thanks for stopping in to visit our About Page for Antenna Tips. Please, don’t be a stranger!

David C. Weber