The Difference Between Roku TV and Smart TV

Difference Between Roku TV and Smart TV

Gone are those days when you would make a proper schedule in your daily routine to watch your favorite TV show in the evening after getting back from work. This is the generation of on-demand shows and movies which you can watch anytime and any day whenever you get some free time. All you need is a smart television with some good internet connection and you are all set.

Apart from Smart TV, there is also Roku TV which has emerged as a competitor in the television market. They seem to be very similar by the look of it but are very different in all aspects. Now the question arises, what is a smart TV and what is a Roku smart TV. 

Let’s do a brief comparison to make you understand better the difference between Roku TV and Smart TV.

Smart TV vs Roku TV – The Key Differences

People usually get confused between these two types of TVs and therefore we are here to help you in knowing the key differences between them so that you can make a better choice for yourself.

The Working

Smart TVs are way ahead of your traditional cable-operated televisions. They work on operating systems that are provided by various television companies. You can access any online streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, and many more. You can also use your cable services on this TV to watch something like live sports. It’s just like having a big smartphone placed in your living room.

How does Roku work, it also has an operating system called the Roku OS but it is only exclusive to Roku TVs. Not only do you have access to free online streaming services but also you can use your favorite apps and watch live broadcasting from various channels which can be downloaded from the channel store on this TV. The interface of Roku TVs is known to be much simpler to use without any hassle.

Audio & Video Quality

The audio and the video quality of TVs mostly depend upon the television company more than a direct comparison between Smart and Roku TVs.

Smart TVs still have a slight edge over Roku TVs in terms of better video quality. Roku supports video quality only till 4K resolutions while Smart TVs go beyond 4K and more. But in most cases, 4K resolution is good enough for your TV at home.


In a nutshell, we can say that most Smart TVs perform better than Roku TVs in terms of their processing speed. But you really don’t need an extremely powerful processing system on your TV just to watch movies and shows, therefore both the TVs are good enough in this aspect.

You can expect up to 1 GHz processors in Roku TVs and up to 1.3 GHz in Smart TVs.

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When it comes to the pricing, again it totally depends on the brand, the model and the size of TV you want. Smart TVs are more expensive in general when directly compared to similar types of Roku TVs. One of the prime reasons for that is that Smart TVs also come in higher resolution beyond 4K.

A high-end Roku TV with all the premium features can cost you around 2000$ to 2500$, while a top-notch Smart TV can go past 10000$ in price.

The Overall Experience 

While the operating system in Smart TVs varies with the different brands that sell smart television, the Roku TV has just one operating system which is the same in all the TVs. This means it will be easier for Roku TV users to adapt to new updates or changes in television. Roku TV reviews suggest that they have a very well-defined and hassle-free interface which is very useful for even beginners who haven’t used these types of TVs.

Smart TVs are not that friendly for new users but they are definitely a great choice for tech-savvy people who want a feature-loaded product.

Which Tv is Best for You?

The difference between Roku TV and Smart TV is not completely at different poles, in fact, they have more similarities than differences. But even the small differences matter when you are spending your hard-earned money to get a suitable television set for your house.

Who should buy a Roku TV?

  • If your previous TV was a traditional cable TV, then you can consider buying a Roku TV due to the ease of use.
  • If you are looking for a TV that has good features at a budget price then Roku TV is a good choice.
  • If you are someone who only watches movies and shows and does not need additional features.

Who should buy a Smart TV?

  • If you want the latest technology and features on your television then Smart TVs are the right choice for you.
  • If budget is not your concern and all you wish for is the best product in the market then Smart TVs can give you that quality and premium touch.
  • If you wish to use your TV for gaming, video editing, graphic designing, and many more features other than just streaming.


Can you use a firestick with a Roku TV?

Yes, you can use a firestick on your Roku TV in case you want any additional app or streaming service that was not in your current Roku TV system.

Can I use my Smart TV without any internet connection?

You can have access to previously downloaded shows and movies, you can use your cable connection or you can use any external storage like a pen drive to use your Smart TV without the internet.

Does Roku TV have Bluetooth?

Yes, Roku TVs have built-in Bluetooth which can be used to connect devices and share data.

How to connect PlayStation to a Roku TV?

There is no app that can connect your PlayStation to your Roku TV. You can use an HDMI cable for the same.


That was pretty much it from our side and we hope you would have got a brief understanding of the differences between Roku TV and Smart TV. Both these TVs are very fascinating and progressive, but they do come with their set of advantages and disadvantages like any other electronic product. The final decision always stands with you and no one can make a better choice than you yourself.

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