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How to Improve FM Signal on Radio With a Single Wire Antenna

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I came back from the office, the day was quite tiring. However, I didn’t really have to worry as I have my go-to way to relax – some music on the radio and a glass of wine! 

The music played for a while but after some time to worsen my mood, there was a lot of interference in the radio. My wine was waiting for me, and  I needed the music. This made me wonder – how to improve FM signal on the radio with a single wire antenna since that is the antenna I use. 

What Is a Single Wire Antenna?

To be very honest, an antenna that does not give the best reception on radios is called the single wire antenna. So if the antenna does not give the best reception, why are you still holding on to it, you may ask? Well, fair question!

The radio set was gifted to me by my father. The radio reminds me of him, and I plan to hold on to it for as long as possible! So now, let’s keep emotions aside and get back to answering the question. 

As the name suggests, a single wire FM antenna has only one wire making it one of the most convenient types of antenna to use. It is the best for indoor use. A single antenna does both the job of receiving and sending signals.  

Tips and Tricks: How to Improve FM Signal With a Single Wire Antenna

How to improve FM radio reception? We have mentioned some tips and tricks below that can help you boost the reception of your FM radio. 

Tip 1: Switch on and Off 

The very first tip is my go-to method to improve the FM reception of my radio and works just fine most of the time. Switch on the radio for a minute or so, and than turn it off, and then


turn it back on again. Your signal should have improved. 

Tip 2: A Little Fidgeting Harmed No One

In case the first method does not work, you can try fidgeting around with the antenna a little bit but remember not to overdo it. Try moving the antenna from one end to the other slowly and steadily. Check where the antenna receives the best reception. Finally try fixing the antenna in the location where it receives the best reception.

Tip 3: The Plug and Unplug Games

The tip where things get serious is here, and you might have to get your screw kit out. Start by removing (disconnecting) the antenna. The antenna has terminals and tuners which are placed alternately. Unscrew them carefully. Now your antenna is fully disconnected. Clean the area around and screw the antenna back to the radio. 

Tip 4: Stretch and Stretch 

Antennas are flexible and have improved reception when stretched at the fullest length. How to boost FM radio signal? Just stretch the antenna wire to the fullest. 

Tip 5: Taping It Away

I have noticed a weird phenomenon with my radio antenna. It sometimes stops working and then works in a particular position only. Initially, I would hold the antenna in that location but I am getting old and my hands fragile with time. This is when the tape comes to my rescue. 

Just tape the antenna, and I get back to my wine!

Some Other Ways to Boost The Signal of The Antenna

  1. Place the radio beside the windows. This may help boost the reception of the antenna.
  2. Try pulling the power cord of the radio as much as possible without breaking the wire. Try making it straight to increase the reception. This method sometimes helps in getting clearer audio. 
  3. If possible, try buying and attaching a dipole antenna to your radio. As opposed to the single wire antenna, a dipole antenna is better at reception and gives a boost to reception. A dipole antenna is easily available in any electronics store.
  4. Rural locations are nice and calm but one issue they place are no connections which is both a curse and a blessing to me. Sometimes good and sometimes bad to be disconnected. 

  In such times when I need to listen to music, I take the help of the antenna of our TV. Most of the radio signals work well only in the cities. As we move more and more towards the countryside, the connection goes weaker and weaker and disappears. 

When I really miss my music, I connect the wiring of the antenna of the Tv to our radio. The disc-like antennas that are made for TV firstly are huge and secondly, they have good strength that attracts stronger signals. 

Remove the wire from the TV and connect it to the antenna and there you are! The only downside to this technique is that your radio has to be compatible with the antenna. Another issue here is that your radio needs to have a jack to plug the connection cord in. 

  1. The reception of the radio can also be improved by increasing the surface area of the antenna. This is not the best method to increase the efficiency of the antenna however it can be given a shot. Wrap an aluminum foil around the antenna pole and it is done. 


  1. Where should the radio be placed?

Radios have the best reception when placed at higher locations hence placing them in a location that is high up and is convenient to reach is a good location. 

  1. How to extend the life of a radio?

The key to extending the life of the radio is by keeping it away from dust and looking after monthly maintenance. 

  1. Which antenna is better – single wire antenna or dipole antenna?

Between a single wire antenna and a dipole antenna, the latter is the better fit since the reception rate of a dipole antenna is way superior as compared to a single wire one as mentioned above. 

  1. Can you make a DIY antenna at home?

Yes, you can make a DIY antenna for fun at home with some pieces of equipment and a little help from youtube. 

  1. Which type of wire is the best for a single wire antenna?

There are three main types of wires used, the RG59/U 75- ohm coaxial cable is the best and used widely. 

Final Thoughts

A piece of smooth music can either make or break your mood and that is why a smooth transmission from any device is important. Sometimes it is okay to not have control and that is exactly what radio allows you to do and enjoy the piece of information you are listening to until there is continuous interference from the radio making you wonder how to improve FM signal on the radio with a single wire antenna. 

If interference is not anything major it can be resolved easily by extending the antenna, changing the location, and using the other tricks and tips mentioned in the article. However, do ensure that you are cautious while dealing with electric wires. You can also try making your own DIY antenna and compare how your antenna performs against the professionally made one.

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