How to Get TV Reception in a Metal Building

How to Get TV Reception in a Metal Building

Nothing can be more frustrating than coming home to a TV that can’t pick up clear signals. And if you live in a building or home with more metal components, this is not uncommon. So, how to get TV reception in a metal building, lets see what we can find out?We will help you learn how to bypass this signal interference. Although, it can be difficult to obtain clear signals with all the metal, it can be done.

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Steps on How to Get TV Reception in a Metal Building

1.PBD WA-2608 Digital Amplified Outdoor HD TV Antenna with Mounting Pole & 40 ft RG6 Coax Cable 150...

Invest in an Amplified Antenna. This type of antenna will require a power source. But this is what you need to get clear signals. It helps your TV receive signals before it reaches the metal siding.

2. Adjusting the antenna

You may need to adjust or reposition your antenna occasionally. Different channels are located in different broadcast towers. So you have to reposition the antenna in a while to get the best signal for each channel.

3. Mount the antenna as high as you can

This is easy for outdoor antennas. But what if you’re mounting an indoor TV antenna? Placing the antenna near glass windows can help. The signal can travel more easily through glasses.

4. Install the antenna on your patio or deck

For outdoor antennas, placing the antenna on your decks and patio can help increase the signal strength. It can help bounce signals off the metal roof to your antenna. 

How to Get TV Reception in a Metal Building

Do Metal Roofs Interfere With TV Signals?

It does not directly interfere with the signal. However, metal roofs can amplify the interference that are already present. Say, you’re mounting an antenna in an attic on a metal building. Signals won’t be able to pass through the metal. But if you’re going to mount on your rooftop, you won’t be encountering many issues with the signal.

But if you must install your antenna in the attic, look for amplified antennas as suggested above. It will also help if your antenna has a higher gain. This will help you overcome signal loss.

Remember that you must purchase an antenna strong enough to pick up signals from towers despite the metal material.

How to Find TV Channel Frequency

If you can’t seem to find TV channels all of a sudden, that’s normal. So it’s best to rescan for channels every now and then. Sometimes channels change frequencies. So don’t be surprised if you can’t find your favorite soap channel all of a sudden. 

Below are primary and general steps on how to scan for TV frequencies. But it may also vary depending on the brand of your television. It’s an automated step, so you won’t have much trouble fiddling through it.

  1. Ensure that your TV is connected to your antenna.
  2. Find the menu button. It can either be in the remote control or a built-in menu button.
  3. Find the channel scan option on the TV menu. It also goes by the names of Autotune, Tune, and Rescan,
  4. If you can’t find the channel scan option, hover through the Settings, Tools, or Channels on the TV menu. 
  5. Once you find it, the press and the TV will automatically scan for can take 10 minutes, so you can have a cup of coffee while waiting. 
  6. Your TV will somehow show how many changes are available. Or it will drop you off the broadcast.
  7. You can run another scan if you still can’t find the channels. If all else fails, you need to reposition your antenna so that it can get a clear signal.


Can you use a metal roof as a TV antenna?

Technically, anything made of metal can be used as an antenna. But if it’s not designed to function as an antenna, it will work poorly compared to the real one.

Will antenna boosters work?

Boosters help overcome signal loss caused by cable resistance. So in the case of metal buildings, it might not make much difference. You can’t transform a totally zero signal into a good one.

When should I rescan channels?

It’s best to rescan channels every now and then. Or when there’s a change in the frequencies of your local TV station.


Metal roofs and materials can spell horror to your TV signal. And if you have an indoor TV antenna, you won’t be able to mount it as high. But there’s still hope. Your antenna can still receive clear signals. Our article on how to get TV reception in a metal building will help deal with this problem.